Our Favorite Products

Below is a list of products and resources we highly recommend. Please note: This page contains affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, Lumnah Acres will make a small commission which helps us keep doing what we do here at Lumnah Acres. Thank you for support.

Gardening Tools & Supplies

We are loving all the gardening tools & supplies that Hoss Tools has to offer. From seeds to garden tools to food preservation tools. Hoss has everything you need to help with your gardening needs and more.

Post & Beam Buildings, Kits & Plans

 In 2019 we added a barn to our homestead.  It was a combination of kits from Jamaica Cottage Shop (plus we did add a few things to customize it for our needs).  Their kits come with everything you need to build and detailed instructions (minus tools).  We love our barn, so much so that we also decided to get the Shed Kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop as well.  Jamaica Cottage Shop buildings have been a great addition to our homestead. They are always offering great specials throughout the year!

Redmond Agriculture has many products available for your homestead. Our goats love Redmonds Goat Mineral Mix. We love that Redmonds products are natural & made in America.

Modern Steader Special Deal For You

Greenhouse Systems & Products

We do not have a very long growing season. So in 2020 we added a Greenhouse from Rimol Greenhouse Systems to our Homestead. Game Changer! With the greenhouse we have extended our growing season.

Modern Steader Special Deal For You

We chose this company to get our 5 tines & 7 tines broadforks – They are high quality and well constructed. Just what we need for our rocky soil. Treadlite also offers a lifetime guarantee, what more can you ask for.

Modern Steader Special Deal For You

Harvesting & Butchering Supplies

Goat Kidding Supplies

  • 7% Iodine or Triodine 7

Kitchen Gadgets & Supplies

Book Recommendations