I have been getting a ton of questions lately about how can we raise our own animals for food and harvest them. Which I don’t mind getting. It is a great conversation we need to have.Raising and then harvesting your own livestock is not an easy thing to do nor should it be. We are taking a life.

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Here is one of the comments I received

Just curious but do you feel any guilt naming and treating your pigs as pets and then slaughtering them? I get what you’re doing and coming from but just asking man to man?

When I read this comment I had to scratch my head! To me, the comment is saying I would feel better about you harvesting your pigs for meat if you didn’t care for them just throw them some food every once and awhile. Or why don’t you buy your meat from a grocery store? Then you won’t have to think about what kind of life that animal lived. Why do we feel better about that because those pigs are raised in confinement never seeing the light of day or being able to dig in the dirt like pigs were created to do?

Bacon Being Smoked in The SmokerMy Response

I feel good about the way I raise my pigs not just good I am proud of the life my pigs have here at Lumnah Acres. I know they have had the best life that they could! I name my pigs so when I am out feeding them I not calling them pig. I also like naming the pigs so when I am eating this great delicious food that is healing our bodies I can give thanks. We are Modern Steaders so we can supply our friends and family with the best food possible. We are very conscious of what this takes. And we know it takes living food to sustain us so we can live a healthy life.

I realize that this is not the norm. You can’t buy this quality of food in the grocery store but I think if you have or when you have the chance to try food of this quality or know the story of your food it will click and make sense to you. Believe it or not, all the food that we eat has a story. We just don’t know that story. Must of the food we eat we wouldn’t want to know the story. We are sharing the story of our food and everything we go through to get it.


Another comment

I would rather be a death row executioner than a butcher, or worse one of those factory workers that have to kill 1000s of farm animals a day with a pressure gun.

This comment was on How to Harvest a Pig Humanely video


The Final Product of BaconMy knee-jerk reaction to that comment was getting all mad and defensive. But when I stopped sat back and thought about it I thought. “Now that is harsh! I am with you loud and clear I wouldn’t want to work at a facility that kills 1000s of animals a day either. Taking an animals life is not easy. It would be a lot easier for me to send my pigs to the butcher. But then the pigs would not have a humane death. I wouldn’t be able to get back all the meat, skin, fat, bones etc from the butcher and make all the wonderful food we did and none of the animal went to waste. I feed what we couldn’t eat to our chickens maybe 1 gallon. What the Chickens would not eat we composted and that will be composted for to years and then it will feed our fruit trees. Here is and earlier post we did on why we raise our pigs

Then I felt Sorry for them

I don’t enjoy getting comments like this but I do think we need to have these kinds of conversations. We are so detached from our food its not even funny. We don’t know the story of our food. Where was it grown? We don’t even know what country it came from. What kind of life did it live, what kind of soil did it grow in. I mean know of days they can grow a chicken in the US fly it to China and process it over there and then it comes back to our grocery stores and we have no idea. They don’t need to put that on the label!


When we hear comments like these we don’t need to get mad and all worked up about them. We need to welcome them and use them to start a conversation that we have been putting off for way too long. We need to take pride in HOW WE Raise our FOOD. We shouldn’t leave it up to someone else to do it behind closed doors! I would love to hear your thoughts on this

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