Chicken Plucker Giveaway

We purchased a YardBird Chicken Plucker this spring to help out with our chicken harvesting process. We had great success with it until we went to use it for our third time this fall and the motor quit. I called up Jason from who doesn’t make the YardBird, they make the Rite Farm’s Pro Plucker. Jason sent me up one of their pluckers so I could finish harvesting the rest of our 50 meat birds the next weekend.


CoopsNMore’s Pro Plucker that Jason sent up works amazing! I had also called up YardBird and told them what had happened. Yardbird said they would warranty there plucker and sent out a new one to us. Now we have 2 chicken pluckers and only really need 1 plucker. I laid awake at night thinking man what should I do with this second chicken plucker. I thought to myself lets do a giveaway. I was thinking we would like to get to our next goal of 20,ooo subscribers and I bet there is at least one Modern Steader out their that could use a chicken plucker. If you haven’t seen the video we did on the giveaway here is a link to it.


When we reach 20,000 subscribes we will giving away 1 YardBird Chicken Plucker and 2 Lumnah Acres T-Shirts.  We will be randomly selecting 3 Modern Steaders who signed up.  Because of the size and weight of the YardBird Plucker, we will only be shipping within the US. If you live outside the US you still have a chance to win a Lumnah Acres T-Shirt.


To enter the giveaway you need to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and signup for our Newsletter (If you are already signed up for our newsletter you are already entered in for the giveaway). The signup for the newsletter is on the right side of our website. If you are on mobile scroll down to the bottom to signup.


To find out who are the winners of the giveaways you will need to watch our videos. When we reach 20,000 subscribers we will announce in one of our videos who the three winners are. The first winner gets to choose from a shirt or the plucker. We will work our way down the list. I WON’T be emailing the winners. Once the video is live you will have three days to contact us. If you don’t we will choose another winner. The reason for this is to keep to contest fair and to make sure the winner is a Modern Steader.

Chicken plucker

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