5~Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer Assembly Instructions

Now we are going to build a 5-gallon automatic chicken waterer. At this point, you should have already built the $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes and installed the rear ski, rope handle, tarp for the roof, corner seats for the waterer & feeder. If you haven’t seen the video for the rear ski and the other add-ons here it is. Here is the Link for the video that goes with today’s build.

5~Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer How to Video

Materials List:

1~ 5-Gallon Bucket

1~ 5 Gallon Bucket Lid

6~ Horizontal Poultry Nipples use Promo Code Lumnah for 10% off


      4~ 1.5″ Screws

Tool List Below, you can substitute tools listed based on tools you currently own

  1. Cordless drill or corded drill or screwdriver and hand drill
  2.  11/32” Drill bit
  3. 11/16” open end wrench or adjustable wrench

5 Gallon Chicken Waterer Assembly instructions.

Horizontal Chicken Water Nipple






You will need 6 horizontal poultry nipples for this step.  Mark 6 locations for your nipples to be installed on your bucket.  Mark all 6 locations on the front 1/3rd of the bucket so all nipples are facing the chickens. 

hole Locations for the NipplesI recommend installing 3 of the 1 inch above the base of the bucket for smaller chickens and 3 nipples approximately 4 inches up from the base of the bucket.  This will allow all chickens to be able to reach the nipples at all growing stages. 

Also, a great feature of horizontal nipples is you can place them at different heights.  Drill six 11/32” holes at your 6 marks.  Hand thread each of the nipples on until it becomes difficult to turn.  Finish installing each nipple with an 11/16” wrench until it is near flush to the bucket.  Be careful not to over tighten them and strip the threads.

If you strip the threads purchase Rite Farm Products nuts, o-rings, and washers and install on the inside of bucket on the nipple threads.  

Securing the Bucket to its Seat

Finished Waterer with Horizontal Poultry Nipples and Screws holding it in place

Now center the water bucket on a corner seat.  Take the handle and raise it up until it rests up against the vertical deck spindle.  You will attach the handle to the deck spindle to lock the bucket into place so it does not move when your transport the coop.  If your bucket has a plastic handle grip screw through the grip with a 1 ½” screw and attach it to the spindle.  If it does not have a plastic grip use wire or any strapping material to attach it with a screw.

Now to further secure it to the seat so it does not move when transporting coop you will install 4 1 ½” screw to the seat picket that butt up to the bucket on the front and sides. One on each side of the bucket and 2 more towards the front. Make sure they butt up flush to the bucket.  If you were to put the 2 screws just in the middle of the bucket the bucket could still slide forward.  Screw each screw into the seat only and only screw it halfway in.  They will act as pegs sticking out to secure your bucket and keep it from moving forward and from side to side.

Now that you Installed the Seat

It’s time to fill the Automatic Waterer with fresh clean water and get ready to make your own DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder~Easiest way to Feed your Chickens w/a 5~Gallon Bucket. Before you know it you will be raising your own chickens and supplying you and your family with some of the best eggs or meat that you can find on this planet. Raising chickens the way they were intended to live, eating fresh grass and bugs. There is no going back now Modern Steader you have caught the bug and chickens are just the start. Soon enough you will want Pigs too! 


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