Building a Composting Outhouse on our Modern Homestead.

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about our composting outhouse that we are building and making videos on. I wanted to share with you why we are building a composting outhouse.

Our Off grid outdoor kitchen


We have recently built an off-grid outdoor kitchen. It is detached from our house. Here is a post about the kitchen.  When we are outside using the kitchen or any yard work, playing in the garden or just getting dirty, and I/ we need to go to the bathroom I don’t want to take my muddy urban farmer boots off before I go in. Gina doesn’t want me tracking my muddy boots through the house. Nor do I. We built our house ourselves so we know what went into every detail. And we know what it would take to fix it.

A Solution to a Problem

Starting to build the Composting Outhouse

The Beginning of the Composting Outhouse

So what is one to do? You build a composting outhouse on the back of your outdoor kitchen. No need to worry about having muddy boots on or all the hay that is on your clothes.  Or when we lost power for a few days this spring.  We lost the ability to have running water without running a generator. Without running water you cant flush a toilet. We ran our generator when needed but it is noisy and uses gas.  But what if you are out of power for a few weeks. Will the gas stations still have gas?

If you sit back and think about it how much sense does it really make to use one of our precious resources to flush our poo down the drain. We are taking something drinkable and making it NOT! If you live where you have city sewer we think about it even less. If you have a septic tank you need to get it pumped out every few years and then it ends up at the same place where the city sewer ends up.

What becomes of our Poo

At the sewer treatment plant, there are three stages of cleanup that your poo goes through. I am just going to give a quick explanation of what happens to our human waste there.  First, the sewer goes through a big filter it takes out all the big stuff, not the poo. And that will go to the landfill. At the second stage, the poo gets broken down by bacteria and other methods and then dried,  and sold to farmers for fertilizer! Yup think about that! If you think a composting toilet is nasty. At least I know who’s poo I will be putting around my fruit trees! Whose poo is growing your veggies! The third stage brings the water back to a more natural state and then its released back into the wild! “streams and oceans”

Is there a better option

Now we still have a regular bathroom in the house and use it daily. But sometimes I scratch my head and think do we have it all backward. I want to try our composting toilet and see how it really works. I am going to let the poo and other materials compost for two years before we use it around any trees. To me, it is a more responsible way to handle our waste. Then again if it is handled the right way it is not a waste but a commodity.

We would love to hear your thoughts on a composting toilet or different ideas and opinions you have. We are looking forward to reading the comments


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