Making a Tedious Task Fun!


When I was trying to think of a title for today’s video, I was trying to figure out what it was about and the why behind what were doing. We make daily videos on YT sharing what we are doing for the day on the homestead. Today was a tedious project. We have been busy building the Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen and we have been neglecting a few things around our homestead. One of them is picking up apples that have fallen from the trees, and there are a lot of them. I haven’t mowed because there were too many apples on the ground and I didn’t want to take the time and pick up them up before I mowed. You know what happens when you mow apples? you get Apple Sauce :).

The whole family picking up apples

We tried to get Olivia help pick up some but to a 9-year old that is not a fun. Heck to a 36 year old looking at all those apples can get overwhelming. Now that the kitchen is finished on the outside we had time to clean up the apples and mow. But how do you make a tedious, very overwhelming task fun or at least bearable? That was the question I asked myself.


We are doing a lot of work restoring the land here at Lumnah Acres and I would love for Olivia to want to take it over and grow it even more. But I fear if we force her to do a task that makes her and us miserable she won’t want too. I mean if it was the other way around I would grow-up hating it too. I don’t want to raise a child that is a spoiled brat that gets whatever they want. But I also don’t want Olivia to grow up and hate homesteading or farming. It can seem like a fine line sometimes. We don’t need to raise another generation that doesn’t want to do what their parents did.

Olivia picking up apples with Mom

Getting back to how do you make a tedious task fun? For me, it’s getting the whole family involved is what makes it fun. We took a task that looked very overwhelming and turned it into a time for the whole family to work together and spend some quality time enjoying the nice fall weather. At the end of the day, we sat back and saw what we had accomplished together and still had time to run errands and get together with some friends for dinner. It was a pretty great day in my book! Now every time we hear an apple fall, we can smile and laugh with each other saying no… Not Another One!



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