Tour around Lumnah Acres with the BOSS

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A Walk Around Lumnah Acres

Shadow of image of the boss

                       Let’s go on a walk around Lumnah Acres. We will go check out the off grid outdoor kitchen first.front view of the Off Grid OutDoor Kitchen

                                                                             Now to the Icelandic chickens.

Icelandic Chickens
Rufus and his ladies “Blackie and Sweet Pea” Eating Grass

                                                    Next, to New Yolk City. All the chickens are doing awesome.

New Yolk city with the Barred rock chickens
There is Mr. Biggs and his ladies eating on the pasture

                                                              Oh, there’s Pluto. I wonder what she is up too?

Pluto in the pasture
Pluto Guarding her flock of chick nuggets!

                  This was a gorgeous day to go for a walk around Lumnah Acres. See you next time Modern Steaders!!

Olivia's feet walking
Hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Join me on my next post!

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  1. Simon B

    Thank you for the excellent tour Olivia, which I loved, especially seeing Pluto guardng her ‘chicken nuggets’ which made me laugh. Rufus is so handsome and I never knew that the second Icelandic hen was called Sweet Pea. Well done on your first blog post 🙂

    • LumnahAcres

      Thank you, Pluto is always drooling over the nuggets! Yes Rufus is a handsome Rooster. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Terri Poulin

    Awesome tour Olivia! My daughter had 2 Barred Rock/Sussex cross hens named Sweet Pea & Blackie! Loved the photos, you captured the heart of your farm! What happened to Mrs. Pigs and Spots? I’m looking forward to more of your posts!

    • LumnahAcres

      Thank you and I wanted to save the pigs for their own post! 🙂

      • Terri Poulin

        I can hardly wait!! 😀

  3. Dotty

    Very good job. 🙂

  4. Bill

    Hey, great to see the website up and running. I wish you lots of success and will be checking it out from time to time just to see what’s happening at the modern homestead. Hopefully I can get the wifey to check it out to see for herself that “Modern” homesteading can be fun and practical as we explore purchasing a new home in Columbia County NY (just south and east of Albany, NY ). Currently I think she thinks I’m crazy for wanting a less stressful life and a modern homestead is what I have in mind. We already have chickens in the backyard but unfortunately I also have 7+million neighbors too! I need to get off this wacky island!!!

    • LumnahAcres

      Sounds to me you must live near NYC and not New Yolk City! 🙂 We hope you find your dream Modern Homestead and can get rid of some of your stress!

    • Terri Poulin

      Yes, it’s so much less stress! Good luck on planning your new adventure!

  5. Dave Johnston

    Very nice tour Miss Livvie. I didn’t know you named the other Icelandic hen, I love Sweetpea. Pluto is such a character, she really loves being around the chicken nuggets. Silly dog.
    This was such a nice tour, I think you should do the Modern Homestead, Friday Update vlogs from now on.

  6. Diane Brodeen

    Great post, Olivia! Thanks for the tour. I would have been a blog-writer at your age, but we didn’t have blogs or even computers yet. My grandpa was the only one who got to read my posts, and I had to mail them to his home.

  7. Tara

    Wow thanks for the tour Olivia, great job writing the blog and choosing the perfect pictures of your homestead! 👍🏻

  8. Beth

    Great tour and post-Olivia

  9. Cheryll Fleer

    Great job Olivia! This is such great practice for your communications skills as well as spelling and essay creation. Way to go, I will be one of the first to buy and download your e-book when it comes along!

  10. Christianne

    Thank you for this awesome post Olivia. It is really awesome how your parents raise you! You are one blessed girl! I love seeing you and your parents on the vlog, keep up the great work!
    Love from Germany!

  11. Nature's Cadence Farm

    “Chicken nuggets” ha ha ha ha…that is too funny!!! What a great tour! You did a really great job! 👍

  12. Deborha

    I love your first blog post, Olivia. Excellent job. You are so full of sunshine, and such a very beautiful spirited child. You are such a great help to mom and dad. Keep up the great work, and thank you so much for sharing…..

  13. Laurie Smith

    Olivia loved the tour around Lunbah Acres….Mr Biggis is getting big…..Pluto does a great job protecting the chicken nuggets.

  14. Meg

    Great post, Olivia! Your pictures were very fun.

  15. Eve

    Lovely tour around the farm Olivia!

  16. cabinets

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  17. Rose

    Well done love the first vlogg post you did a great job and the pictures are very artistic and good.
    You have a good eye for it.

    Keep on rocking and have a blessed day