A Walk Around Lumnah Acres

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                       Let’s go on a walk around Lumnah Acres. We will go check out the off grid outdoor kitchen first.front view of the Off Grid OutDoor Kitchen

                                                                             Now to the Icelandic chickens.

Icelandic Chickens

Rufus and his ladies “Blackie and Sweet Pea” Eating Grass

                                                    Next, to New Yolk City. All the chickens are doing awesome.

New Yolk city with the Barred rock chickens

There is Mr. Biggs and his ladies eating on the pasture

                                                              Oh, there’s Pluto. I wonder what she is up too?

Pluto in the pasture

Pluto Guarding her flock of chick nuggets!

                  This was a gorgeous day to go for a walk around Lumnah Acres. See you next time Modern Steaders!!

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Hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Join me on my next post!

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