Why We Raise Our Pigs on Pasture

Here at Lumnah Acres, we love our pasture raised pigs. We want them to be able to root and run around, eating what they want from the land, doing what pigs were created to do!! The happier the pigs are, the better and healthier the meat is going to be for us.

our pasture raised pigs taking a nap

Right now our pasture raised pigs are in an old apple orchard. We put them to work rooting and cleaning up under the trees. Our apple orchard has been neglected for years, so there is a lot of brush and debris for them to clean up. Oh yeah, they also eat any of the apples that fall off the trees.  They get a nice treat and we don’t have to pick the apples up! Talk about a win win, Right??

our pasture raised pigs digging in the dirt

While are pigs are on pasture we want to make sure they have plenty of food and water. With pigs, having a constant clean water supply can be a bit difficult. If you use a rubber dish to put the pigs water in, they will constantly keep turning it over with their snout(the wonderful tool they were give to root in the ground with). If you use a kiddy pool or a tub, they will use it to take a mud bath and will most likely go to the bathroom in it.  I wouldn’t want to drink that water, would you?  Its is also a huge mess and to much time is spent trying to keep it clean.

The way we have been able to supply our pigs with water and not have to be filling it up through out the day is with our homemade automatic pig waterer.  We made our automatic pig waterer from a 55-gallon food grade drum. Here is the link to the video on how we made it http://bit.ly/2vf8VRN. Here’s another link to the stainless steel nipple we purchased for our waterer http://amzn.to/2fWVT9N.  This will be our second year using our homemade waterer and it has worked out Awesome!!!

the automatic waterer we supply to our pasture raised pigs

We want to make sure our pasture raised pigs grow as fast as they want and never to be hungry.  Our pigs have an endless supply of feed.  This is done by having an automatic pig feeder. Olivia and I built a homemade automatic feeder out of rough sawn lumber and a few hinges.  Here is the link to the video on how we built it http://bit.ly/2wm4bic.  This project only took a few hours to make and cost under $10 for us to build.  Now we load it up with two bags of grain and the pigs never run out of food. Unless you forget to put more grain in it of course!!

Okay Modern Steaders, let us know what you think of our automatic feeder and waterer.  Also let us know the different things that have worked for if you have raised pigs.

the automatic feeder we have for our pasture raised pigs