Drinking coffee and watching Wildlife

I was making my morning cup of No Jitter Coffee. http://bit.ly/2igiAGm  

When I looked out the door and saw a deer eating some apples from our apple tree right by the driveway. Talk about fast food! I wish our favorite food was hanging from a tree waiting for us to eat it! I grabbed the camera and started taking some video. What else would a Modern Steader do!a deer eating an apple off our apple tree

When I was editing the video I noticed to could her swallow the apple and see it go down esophagus!

watching the deer eating apples while drinking coffee

When you watch the video make sure you are looking for it. Olivia and I were laughing pretty good as we kept re watching it. What a great way to start the day! Then I got to go outside and start putting the rough sawn up for our ceiling in our Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen!