5 Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer for the $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes

Icelandic Chicks Using the 5 gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer

5~Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer Assembly Instructions Now we are going to build a 5-gallon automatic chicken waterer. At this point, you should have already built the $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes and installed the rear ski, rope handle, tarp for the roof, corner seats for the waterer & feeder. If you haven’t seen the video for the rear ski and the other add-ons here it is. Here is the Link for the video that goes with today’s build. 5~Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer How to Video Materials List: 1~ 5-Gallon Bucket 1~ 5 Gallon Bucket Lid 6~ Horizontal Poultry Nipples use Promo Code …

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Pasture Raised Pigs and DIY Automatic Feeder and Waterer.

Why We Raise Our Pigs on Pasture Here at Lumnah Acres, we love our pasture raised pigs. We want them to be able to root and run around, eating what they want from the land, doing what pigs were created to do!! The happier the pigs are, the better and healthier the meat is going to be for us. Right now our pasture raised pigs are in an old apple orchard. We put them to work rooting and cleaning up under the trees. Our apple orchard has been neglected for years, so there is a lot of brush and debris …

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