Why We Look Forward to Starting Our Seeds Inside

I’ve teamed up with six of my favorite bloggers to bring you a giveaway sponsored by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I hope you’ll visit each blogger’s post for some great gardening advice and ideas. You’ll find them all here: Oak Hill Homestead – How to Start a Container Garden Souly Rested – One Thing Every Gardener Should doDo Spring Lake Homestead – Garden Planning Bloom Where You’re Planted – My Favorite Seed Company Is Giving Away Seeds! The Farmer’s Lamp – DIY a Free Pallet Garden in 4 Easy Steps Mid-Life Blogger – Swiss Chard: Stained Glass in the Garden …

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Best Chick Brooder ~ Build It In 30 Minutes for $30 ~ Directions and Material List

Chick Brooder

Building The Best Chick Brooder and How we came up with the Design When it is time for us to start raising chicks. I will go outside and bring in a 100-gallon water trough. I load it up with wood shavings a waterer feeder and  I try to find a good way to clamp the brooder light on to it. When the chicks start getting big enough to jump out or fly out I will put a piece of screen on top of the water trough “brooder”. I have always wanted something better but I didn’t want some big monstrosity. …

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The Unwanted Questions we Get about Raising our Own Livestock

Our Pigs Eating Grain

I have been getting a ton of questions lately about how can we raise our own animals for food and harvest them. Which I don’t mind getting. It is a great conversation we need to have.Raising and then harvesting your own livestock is not an easy thing to do nor should it be. We are taking a life. Here is one of the comments I received “Just curious but do you feel any guilt naming and treating your pigs as pets and then slaughtering them? I get what you’re doing and coming from but just asking man to man?“ When I …

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Biggest Modern Steader Giveaway

Chicken Plucker

Chicken Plucker Giveaway We purchased a YardBird Chicken Plucker this spring to help out with our chicken harvesting process. We had great success with it until we went to use it for our third time this fall and the motor quit. I called up Jason from coopsnmore.com who doesn’t make the YardBird, they make the Rite Farm’s Pro Plucker. Jason sent me up one of their pluckers so I could finish harvesting the rest of our 50 meat birds the next weekend.   CoopsNMore’s Pro Plucker that Jason sent up works amazing! I had also called up YardBird and told them …

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Pig Harvesting & Why we Raise our Own Pigs For Pasture Raised Bacon and so much more

Pigs eating on Pasture

With our Pig Harvesting class fast approaching I have been asked a lot lately about how I am able to butcher our pigs. I don’t enjoy harvesting any of our animals. My goal is to give our animal the best life possible with only one bad day. By harvesting our animals at our Homestead they don’t have the stress of being loaded into a trailer, going on a road trip and then finally ending up at a strange location with all weird smells. Why We Have our Modern Homestead That being said we have our Modern Homestead so we can raise …

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DIY: $30 Chicken Coop Built in 30 Minutes

Build a Chicken Coop for $30 Dollars In 30 minutes  Assembly Instructions DIY Chicken Coop that you can build for $30 in 30 minutes! It sounds too good to be true right! But wait it gets even better. We are going to Build the coop from materials that you can buy right from your local hardware store. We aren’t building the coop from scraps we have lying around Lumnah Acres. You can build this coop by following these directions for the same price as we did! If you don’t believe me here is the video we made of building the …

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Why we are Building a Composting Outhouse

Building a Composting Outhouse on our Modern Homestead. We have been getting a lot of questions lately about our composting outhouse that we are building and making videos on. I wanted to share with you why we are building a composting outhouse.   We have recently built an off-grid outdoor kitchen. It is detached from our house. Here is a post about the kitchen.  When we are outside using the kitchen or any yard work, playing in the garden or just getting dirty, and I/ we need to go to the bathroom I don’t want to take my muddy urban farmer boots off …

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7 Buckets Loads of Apples for the Pigs~

Can Family Chores be Fun?

Making a Tedious Task Fun!   When I was trying to think of a title for today’s video, I was trying to figure out what it was about and the why behind what were doing. We make daily videos on YT sharing what we are doing for the day on the homestead. Today was a tedious project. We have been busy building the Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen and we have been neglecting a few things around our homestead. One of them is picking up apples that have fallen from the trees, and there are a lot of them. I haven’t mowed because …

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You asked for it, We Listened! Homestead Property Tour.

Here is the Modern Steaders Property Tour you have been waiting for! We have had a lot of Modern Steaders asking about the layout of Lumnah Acres.  In today’s video, we did an overview of our Modern Homestead.  If you would like to see the layout of Lumnah Acres here is the Link to the video. http://bit.ly/2watYbW Here is a little bit more of the backstory.  We decided that living in Massachusetts wasn’t for us, and decided that New Hampshire was where we wanted to put our roots down.  In 2014, we purchased a property that was in foreclosure.  It was 8.5 …

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Drinking Coffee and Seeing a Deer Eat Fast Food

Drinking coffee and watching Wildlife I was making my morning cup of No Jitter Coffee. http://bit.ly/2igiAGm   When I looked out the door and saw a deer eating some apples from our apple tree right by the driveway. Talk about fast food! I wish our favorite food was hanging from a tree waiting for us to eat it! I grabbed the camera and started taking some video. What else would a Modern Steader do! When I was editing the video I noticed to could her swallow the apple and see it go down esophagus! When you watch the video make sure you are …

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