DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder Easiest way to Feed your Chickens Using a 5~Gallon Bucket

DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder Assembly instructions. Now that you souped up your Coop with the DIY Hacks for easy moving. And the chickens have a fresh supply of water from your Automatic chicken waterer you built with a 5~Gallon bucket and some Horizontal Poultry Nipples. It’s time to make your DIY Automatic Chicken feeder for your Modern Steader $30 Chicken Coop you built in 30 minutes. After this last step, there will be nothing stopping you from providing you and your family with the best chicken meat and eggs that you can get on the planet. You are one unstoppable Modern Steader! Next, …

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5 Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer for the $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes

Icelandic Chicks Using the 5 gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer

5~Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer Assembly Instructions Now we are going to build a 5-gallon automatic chicken waterer. At this point, you should have already built the $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes and installed the rear ski, rope handle, tarp for the roof, corner seats for the waterer & feeder. If you haven’t seen the video for the rear ski and the other add-ons here it is. Here is the Link for the video that goes with today’s build. 5~Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer How to Video Materials List: 1~ 5-Gallon Bucket 1~ 5 Gallon Bucket Lid 6~ Horizontal Poultry Nipples use Promo Code …

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DIY Hacks for your $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes for easy Movability

Installing a tarp on the $30 Chicken Tractor in 30 Minutes

Now that you Built your $30 Chicken Coop in 30 Minutes we will make a Rear Ski, Rope Handle and Corner Seats for the Feeder & Waterer that will make the Coop easy to move. Congratulations Modern Steader on Building your $30 Chicken Coop in 30 minutes. The question is, did you beat the time? Now that the structure is built we have some DIY hacks for your $30 chicken coop that will make it easy to move and really soup up the coop! You will be dragging it around your yard in no time! Moving the chickens to fresh …

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DIY: $30 Chicken Coop Built in 30 Minutes

Build a Chicken Coop for $30 Dollars In 30 minutes  Assembly Instructions DIY Chicken Coop that you can build for $30 in 30 minutes! It sounds too good to be true right! But wait it gets even better. We are going to Build the coop from materials that you can buy right from your local hardware store. We aren’t building the coop from scraps we have lying around Lumnah Acres. You can build this coop by following these directions for the same price as we did! If you don’t believe me here is the video we made of building the …

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When Things Dont go Your Way and You end up With Organic Grass Fed Chicken Breast at the End of the Day

When Things Don’t Go Your Way and You end up With Organic Grass Fed Chicken Breast at the End of the Day! I didn’t plan on butchering two of our pasture raised organically fed meat birds today. But it has been on our to do list lately.  We have been so busy building our Off Grid Outdoor kitchen (I am going to link that video series here ), that a few things have been neglected. Harvesting the two remaining roosters being one of them. One of the reasons we needed to do this is so we could divide up the new …

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